Hi. I’m Matt Reynolds. A sales training manager, insurance, and retirement specialist from Chicago, IL. I have been working as a business management executive for 5 years. I’m a team player and enjoy working with colleagues in locations around the world. With my financial background, I can comfortably speak to senior stakeholders.

I’m not all serious with life. I love hanging out with friends and family on my off days. Although sometimes, I get sucked into talking about real estate. People love to hear my opinions on the market and how it’s going. I even considered working part-time in the real estate field if I wasn’t too busy in the company I work with.

I don’t always have the time for myself these days but I make sure to make it as productive when I do. That’s why with creating this blog, I get to still talk about things that I love and still be my complete self. Some people might think I’m boring because of how much I love looking at numbers and talk about work stuff all the time.

For me, it’s just something that I fully enjoy and I love for other people to learn more about it and realize that it’s something worth learning. So I hope with this blog, I can attract people that have the same passion as mine and can think of this blog as their guide.