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Owning a Condo vs House: What Are the Differences?

Owning a Condo vs House: What Are the Differences?

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you’re likely looking at lots of options. One of those options is the possibility of buying a condo. This is an option for lots of buyers, and good reason.

However, there is often some confusion about condominiums and the differences between owning a condo vs house. We’ve created a guide with answers to many of the questions potential buyers may have. Let’s get started.


Usually, a condo is located in a more urban area than a house; this means that there are more activities, nightlife, and attractions within walking distance. Also, because condos are often near public transportation, getting around is easier and the need for a car is reduced.

Whereas a house is typically located in a more suburban or rural area, which means a car is necessary to get around and there are fewer things to do nearby. If you need assistance from professionals, like, you may do so.

When It Comes to Deciding on Owning a Condo vs House, Size Matters 

Size does matter when it comes to owning a condo vs house—but not always in the way you might think. While the square footage of your home is important, it’s not the be-all and end-all. A house might be 2,000 square feet, but if it’s a two-story home with a living area on the second floor, it will feel smaller than a 1,500-square-foot condo with an open floor plan.

Similarly, a condo in a high-rise building might have sweeping city views, but it will likely be smaller than a house in the suburbs.

So, when you’re trying to decide if a house or condo is the right size for you, it’s important to think about more than just square footage. Consider the type of home you want, the layout of the rooms, and the amenities that are important to you.

If you’re looking for a spacious home with a traditional layout, house ownership is the way to go. But if you want a low-maintenance property with a modern feel, a condo might be the better option.

Money Matters, Weighing the Cost of Maintenance and Upkeep 

When owning a condo, you will likely have to pay monthly condo fees in addition to your mortgage. These condo fees usually cover building maintenance and repairs, snow removal, and landscaping. So while you may have less of a monthly mortgage payment, you will have these additional monthly expenses to consider.

When owning a house, you are solely responsible for all maintenance and repairs, both inside and outside the home. This can get expensive but may be worth it for some people who crave privacy and total control over their property. 

Your Decision Matters

After reading this article, you should be able to decide which is the better option between owning a condo vs a house. It really depends on your lifestyle and needs.

If you need more space or privacy, a house is probably a better option. But if you want to be close to amenities and have less upkeep, a condo might be better.

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