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Are Popovers Yorkshire Pudding?

Are Popovers Yorkshire Pudding?

Popovers and Yorkshire pudding are made from the same batter, so does that mean they are the same thing? This is the question that is often asked by people who love either Yorkshire pudding or popovers. When they finally try the other one, they ask themselves if the two things are the same thing or not.

If you are curious about it, you’re in the right place. Let’s see if popovers and Yorkshire pudding are the same things or not.

The short answer

Alright, let’s not waste any time here, I bet you really want the answer by now. So, the short answer is yes, popovers and Yorkshire pudding are basically the same things. Why is that? Because both popovers and Yorkshire pudding are mostly composed of batter that is similar to each other. Although, popovers and Yorkshire pudding are prepared in different ways. Let’s talk more about this.

The long answer

So now we know that popovers and Yorkshire pudding are basically the same thing. But they are prepared in different ways, and there are also other differences. To determine the differences, we have to talk about what defines Yorkshire pudding and popovers.

First of all, both popovers and Yorkshire pudding use two kinds of batter that are similar. The batter contains eggs, milk or water, and flour. This is common for either popovers or Yorkshire pudding. But the way the batter is prepared could shed some light here.


You may already know that popovers are light, hollow rolls, this true American recipe is basically cooked in a muffin tin or what is usually called a popover pan. Keep in mind that a muffin tin and popover pan could be used in different ways. In this case, the difference is the angle. The recesses of the muffin tins are sloped at an angle, whereas the popover tin recesses are straight from up to down.

Then, the popover tin or muffin cups are lubricated with drippings from roasted pork or beef. This is what makes popovers taste like meaty-flavored pastry. But popovers can also taste sweet and fruity and be mixed with jam and whipped cream. It can also be paired with various meats for lunch or dinner.

Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding, believe it or not, is more versatile than popovers, and simpler too judging from its appearance. It was initially designed by English cooks to absorb the excess fat produced by the meat that is being roasted.

To prepare Yorkshire pudding, you can follow the same steps above. Pour the batter into an oiled baking pan. Sometimes, you can also place the batter under roasting meat, so it can soak up all the excess fat.

Just like popovers, Yorkshire pudding can be stuffed with meats. You can also use mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and pretty much anything else that you want. Yorkshire pudding is versatile and tasty, and it also rather iconic in Britain. Did you know that the British celebrate National Yorkshire Pudding Day in February?

Summarizing the differences

To make it easier for you to remember the differences, refer to the list below:

  • Yorkshire pudding is a dripping pudding, it is prepared by using the excess fat from meat. But, popovers on the other hand call for butter instead.
  • Popovers are from the US, while Yorkshire pudding is from Britain.
  • Popovers are usually prepared in a special popover pan, which looks like a longer muffin pan. Yorkshire pudding is prepared in a traditional Yorkshire pudding tin, which looks like a shorter muffin tin. It is usually shorter than popovers.
  • Yorkshire puddings are often served or stuffed with meat and onion gravy. Sometimes, you can also find Yorkshire puddings with sausages. Meanwhile, popovers are often served or stuffed with jam and butter, easier to make at home, too.

Finishing thought

So there you have it, now you know why popovers and Yorkshire pudding are considered to be the same thing, yet they differ from each other slightly. Popovers are, of course, more popular in the US, while Yorkshire pudding is more popular in Britain. You can eat popovers and Yorkshire pudding the same way if you want to. But the slight differences in appearances and preparations might make one better than the other for you.

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