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The Complete Guide on How to Find Your Dream Home

The Complete Guide on How to Find Your Dream Home

If you’re among the 26.5 million Americans making a move, you want to find the perfect home. After all, when you’re going to the trouble of buying or building, you need to get it right. But from two-story entryways to palatial kitchens, how do you find your dream home?

Read on to find a complete guide on getting the perfect home!

Determine Your Non-Negotiables

When it comes to getting the perfect home, you need to start by making a list. Know areas where you are unwilling to compromise. For instance, if you’ve always wanted a big kitchen with a central island, put it on the list.

Make another list of features where you could go either way. For example, maybe you want a finished basement, but you’d be willing to forgo it if other aspects of the property look good.

If you save up, you could always finish the basement a few years down the road! But don’t overspend just to get what you want. Before getting entrenched in the buying process, be sure you have a solid credit score and enough saved for a down payment. 

Figure Out the Right Location

Do you want to live on a wooded property outside of the city limits? Or does living in a Tudor-style home in an established suburb appeal to your aesthetic preferences?

Before heading out with an agent, figure out the style and location that will inform your search. Do research on the crime and property value trends in the area, too. You don’t want to invest in an area on the decline.


Consider Building a Home

If you’re patient and picky, you could always build your dream home. That way, you can work with an architect and contractor to get the unique features that an existing home might lack. Plus you’ll know that the house is up to code!

You’ll also get a more energy-efficient home and won’t need to get in the trenches with a bidding war. Look at Fieldstone floorplans to find available layouts that you can tweak to perfection.

Look at Options for a Dream Home Makeover

On the other hand, you can give an older home a makeover to improve its functionality and curb appeal. For instance, you might be able to get a split-level house in your dream suburb and remake it as a modern sanctuary. Remove walls to expand the kitchen and paint everything white for a crisp look.

When buying a house, your real estate agent can find listings that meet your price requirements and location needs. If you’re really on a tight budget, you could even get a foreclosed house that needs a lot of work for a good price. 

Find Your Dream Home

You can find your dream home just about anywhere if you know the criteria. Weigh the option of making over an existing house versus starting from scratch. And make sure you know what you’re not willing to compromise on — and how much you can afford.

For more real estate tips, check back soon for fresh and informative articles.  

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