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Tips to Avoid Failure in Construction Payroll Software

Tips to Avoid Failure in Construction Payroll Software

Whether you’re planning to convert your construction payroll software or have one of those projects that you’re working on that involves changing to a new software package, there are several things you should know. These tips will help you avoid the common pitfalls that sabotage your project.


Using an intelligent construction management system to your advantage can lead to a smooth sailing-project. Consider a few things before you embark on the construction journey. For instance, you can make the most of your construction budget by leveraging the right construction payroll software. If you are in the planning phase, list the key stakeholders and ensure you have a solid plan of attack in place. Lastly, make sure your employees know exactly what to expect. You want to avoid having a construction nightmare on your hands.

The construction industry is highly regulated. As a result, there is a lot of competition for clients. Therefore, it’s essential to stay on top of the competition. For instance, make sure you hire construction payroll software that offers you a wide range of features and don’t be afraid to pay more.

Firm go-live date

Getting a construction payroll software system up and running can be a long, stressful process. To minimize the risk of errors, companies should implement a plan that includes a firm go-live date. The process will include data migration and data preparation. It also includes setting up the core accounting databases, including payroll, employees, vendors, and workers’ compensation codes.

Some companies choose to go live around the first of the year. This allows the project team time to evaluate the system’s functionality and confirm that the go-live was successful. It also helps the team to avoid working over holiday seasons. In addition, the project team can use this time to tie up loose ends from the past fiscal year and send reports to stakeholders. Finally, the team can also use this time to re-evaluate their current accounting setups.

While you’re evaluating your go-live plan, make sure to consider the cost of your new construction payroll software. An exemplary implementation partner will have tools and resources to help you complete the tasks, such as an online portal to view and edit data.

Preparing for conversion

During your construction payroll software conversion, you must be prepared with a detailed plan. Your plan should include everything you need to do to make the conversion successful. You will need to create a detailed timeline to increase your chances of success. Using the right time to perform the conversion will make the process easier and less stressful for your employees.

It would be best if you also created a detailed conversion run book. This should include all steps performed, errors, and time required for each activity. This will help you re-create the conversion steps if you experience problems.

Identify the critical business people that will be involved in your conversion. These may include the CFO, controller, or another top-level manager. They should be available to work with application consultants during the conversion. They should also know the internal data transfer process. This is especially important during downtime.

Keeping employees informed

Keeping employees informed is a great way to increase productivity and employee engagement. The more your employees know about the company’s expectations and how to complete the job, the more likely they will be productive. In addition, keeping your employees informed increases their morale, which is critical to your business’ success.

One of the best ways to keep employees informed is to give them the tools they need to communicate with each other. These tools should be easy to use, and they should be integrated across all devices. They should also be able to provide accurate onsite documentation of any problems.

A mobile app for employees can also help keep them informed. In addition, they can receive notifications regarding emergencies and information security breaches. These alerts can be delivered through push notifications. They can also be used for corporate events and intranet posts.

Another way to keep employees informed is through visual documentation. Workers can take pictures and videos of the jobsite and add annotations to their photos. They can then save these photos and videos in a project gallery. This allows stakeholders to monitor safety and the project remotely. They can also view a real-time version of the project’s progress, which streamlines the process for requests and orders.

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