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Understanding the Fresh Start Program

Understanding the Fresh Start Program

The IRS Fresh Start program is designed to help taxpayers deal with back taxes. This program may help you save money, remove tax liens, and pay in installments over six years. Understanding the program is essential to maximizing your benefits. 

Tax relief program for middle and upper classes

The new tax plan aims to give middle and upper-class Americans a significant break with changes to the tax code. This tax relief will be partially refundable and increase the child tax credit from $1,600 to $3,600 in 2021. The credit is also refundable, so if you have a child under six, you can take advantage of it. And since the new law also increases the credit for older children, that is a nice bonus. As for the middle and upper classes, the proposed tax relief plan will cut the number of tax payments by about half. For instance, the current 6.2 percent rate on the top one percent of taxpayers would drop to a mere $125,000 for an individual. The average tax rate for middle-income taxpayers would drop to $200,000 or less for a joint filer.

Removes tax liens

The Fresh Start program is a process that allows taxpayers to remove tax liens. You can withdraw your lien and start afresh if you owe less than $25,000 in back taxes. However, it is essential to note that the IRS reserves the right to file a new tax lien and resume collection efforts if you fail to pay the debt. Upon submitting your request, the IRS will look at your credit report and decide whether to remove your tax liens. The sooner you file a lien request, the quicker the IRS will review your application. Your lien can be removed within 30 days if you meet the requirements.

Relieves penalties

The Fresh Start program provides relief for taxpayers who owe back taxes. Under the program, you can now pay your taxes in installments via direct debit. You can also remove a lien on your property. In the past, you could only do this if you owed more than $10,000. However, with the Fresh Start initiative, the IRS limits the amount of back taxes that can result in a lien. Before applying for Fresh Start tax relief, taxpayers must determine their eligibility. Once they meet the requirements, they must fill out an application. The IRS will review it and notify them of the outcome. Once approved, the taxpayer will find out what their new payment amount will be. They can then choose an Installment Agreement. Installment Agreements will require monthly payments that go directly to the amount owed on their total tax debt. They are an excellent option for struggling businesses or people who have trouble paying their taxes.

Allows taxpayers to pay in installments over six years

The Fresh Start program is an option for taxpayers with significant tax debt. This plan allows individuals to pay their tax debt over six years in installments based on their income and liquid assets. This option allows most taxpayers to clear their tax debts within six years. It was introduced in 2011, and the IRS has expanded the program. Under the program, the IRS agrees to reduce the tax debt by settling the tax liability for less than the total amount owed. The agency has acknowledged that many taxpayers are still having trouble paying their bills and is working to make changes to help them stay on track. The Fresh Start program has increased the threshold for taxpayers to apply for installment agreements, making the program more accessible to more taxpayers. The threshold for qualifying for an installment agreement has increased from $25,000 to $50,000. The fresh start program also provides a more significant amount of discretionary spending for taxpayers who can pay in installments over six years.


The timeframe of the Fresh Start program will depend on your specific circumstances. For example, if you owe more than $50,000, the timeframe is typically 72 months. If you owe less than that, the timeframe may be less. The length of the payment plan will depend on the total amount owed and your ability to make your payments on time.Fresh Start is an opportunity for students dismissed from school for non-academic reasons. It is an excellent chance to get back on track and get a certificate or degree. The program is free for students to use any financial aid they may be eligible to receive. Besides helping students with their educational expenses also benefits the community and taxpayers. In addition, it helps these students qualify for high-paying jobs.

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