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What Are Video Arcade Games All About?

What Are Video Arcade Games All About?

Whether a child or an adult, you’ve most likely played video arcade games Gillette WY. Some of the most popular include Space Invaders, Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, and Pinball. But what exactly are these games all about?

Space Invaders

Known initially as Space Monsters, Space Invaders was a Japanese arcade game released in 1978. Japanese game designer Tomohiro Nishikado created it.

Space Invaders spawned several sequels. Space Invaders X is a sequel, and the Alien World stage is a copy of the first Space Invaders arcade machine.

In the original game, the player controls a laser cannon to shoot descending waves of aliens. The aliens move as five rows of 11, which drive down one row after each shot. The goal of the game is to shoot all aliens.

Aside from its success, Space Invaders is credited with being the first arcade game with high scores. This led to creation of a new genre, “shoot ’em up” games. This new genre spawned a flurry of fun and helped the video game industry become a billion-dollar industry.


During the 1980s, Pac-Man was one of the most successful arcade games. It was a bona fide video game culture icon and was credited with changing the face of video gaming as we know it. It has even been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

One of the first video games in the “maze” genre, Pac-Man’s original design required players to navigate through a simple maze using a joystick. They then ate colored dots until all of them were consumed.

Pac-Man’s design also included the first use of cut scenes, a novel feature at the time. In this case, players would be shown a series of animated narrated scenes that complimented the gameplay.

Pac-Man’s name was derived from the Japanese word for “eat.” The character itself was inspired by the famous Japanese character Kuchi.


Skee-Ball has enjoyed a long history and a renewed popularity among the oldest arcade games. It has been a social sport for decades and remains a favorite for families and friends.

J.D. Estes invented the Skee ball in 1909. Initially designed for carnivals and arcades, it has since gained popularity in bars, fairs, and other locations.

The goal of Skee-Ball is to roll the ball into a hole with the desired value. The ball is rolled up an inclined lane, and the player’s score is tallied as it passes through the holes. There are a variety of versions of the game, including pinball, Super Ball, and Skee Ball Plus.

The original arcade version has been updated and has been made smaller. In recent years, skee ball machines have also become more technologically advanced. They include more lighting and a 100-point circle. Some devices also have electronic scoring.


Pinball is an addictive game and is experiencing a resurgence in North America. Whether you’re new to pinball or a seasoned veteran, you’re probably aware that it involves a lot of strategy and skill. The objective is to flip a ball through various targets while collecting points.

For many years, pinball was an illegal game in many cities, including New York and Chicago. Pinball was considered gambling in the 1930s and was banned in these cities until the mid-1970s. In Los Angeles, pinball was outlawed until 1977.

Pinball was initially based on the bagatelle, a game that required maneuvering balls past metal pins. This was an innovative invention. It was awarded a US patent #115,357.

The video game craze of the late 1980s and early 1990s directly impacted pinball revenue. It also led to a new wave of manufacturers entering the pinball game market.

Mortal Kombat

During the late 1990s, Mortal Kombat became one of the top-selling fighting games of all time. By the late 2000s, it had surpassed the Tekken series and became the best-selling fighting game franchise of all time. Its popularity has spawned numerous sequels, television series, card games, and even comic book series.

The Mortal Kombat video arcade game was released in October 1992. Midway Games created the game and later released it in arcades. The game was intended to be a ninja-themed game. However, the game was criticized for its extreme violence. This caused a stir in the video game industry, and elected officials became involved.

The Mortal Kombat video arcade game features twelve classic characters. Players can high kick and block an opponent’s attack. In addition, there are special endings based on character moves.

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