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6 Things You Need To Know Before Renting Office Space

6 Things You Need To Know Before Renting Office Space

Renting office space is a big thing nowadays. Considering the costs of buying a building can be ridiculously expensive, not including maintenance and repairs, many small-medium companies prefer renting office space.

And there are several kinds of office space that you can choose depending on what you need, considering how big of a contribution office space has for the whole real estate industry. For example, a shared office is cheap and sufficient enough for a small team.

If you are planning to rent your office space, I bet you feel very excited at the moment. Finally, you and your team can work in a professional environment and be more productive than before. But, don’t be hasty, here are some things you need to know before renting office space.

Location is crucial

Typically, there are two factors that people consider: size and price. While these factors are important, location can make those two factors irrelevant. What I am saying is although you’ve found a great office space with enough room for everyone, if the location isn’t ideal then it’s not worth it. There is just no point to rent a building that is so far away from everyone’s home.

Renting an office building that is not only at the ideal distance for your team but also easily accessible can save you a lot of money and problems in the future. If you have several long-term clients already, then you should consider their locations as well.

Learn everything that is included with the rent

Don’t get fooled by the cheap rent. Most office spaces only charge you for the rent, you need to pay other expenses yourself. And those other expenses can really add up and ruin your budget. It’s not uncommon for a young company to get caught off guard by this.

Make sure you understand what is included and not in the quoted rent. Read the agreement carefully and ask anything that you don’t understand. You can ask about utilities, phone and internet, snow and ice removal, cleaning service, etc. Make sure everything is clear and spelled out properly.

Learn who is going to pay for repairs

Repairs are important to make sure your office is as comfortable as possible. Ask the landlord who is going to be responsible for repairs. If it’s your landlord, ask them if they are willing to start the repairs as soon as possible. If not then what’s the point?

But if you’re going to be the one responsible for repairs, make sure your budget is flexible enough for more expenses.


Your office is going to be where your important things are. Important documents, computers, office supplies, and more should always be safe inside the building. Find out if the building has a security guard and other security tools.

Extra space

Obviously, you’re going to want your company to grow. As your company grows, you’ll need more employees and other stuff. All these extra people and items are going to need more space and it’s up to you to provide them that. Renting a building with extra space can save you time and money for renting a new one. Even just a few extra cubicle spaces can be valuable.

Parking space and bike storage

I have talked about accessibility above, and parking space and bike storage can’t be ignored. Parking space that is big enough to accommodate everyone is a valuable perk for a company. Also, make sure the parking space isn’t too far from the building. I’ve seen an office building with a parking space a few blocks away. That is ridiculous.

Bike storage is a nice bonus. If you live somewhere where biking to work is common or have employees who do that, bike storage can turn an office building from good to awesome.

One more thing is security. Just like the building itself, the parking space needs to be secured and safe. Make sure everyone can park their vehicles without worry and much hassle.


Renting your first office space is always fun and exciting. The feeling of finally work in a building or comfortable working space is always pleasant.  If you follow these tips above, I guarantee everyone in your company will be happy and more productive.

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