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Different Types Of Office Space You Can Rent

Different Types Of Office Space You Can Rent

Renting office space is one of the best ways to increase productivity and save up a lot of money to keep your company operating. Many rental office spaces nowadays look great and professional with enough room and other great perks for everybody. And you can get everything without spending millions of dollars.

In this day and age, you can find many types of office space that you can rent. Some types of office might fit your company better than the rest. And not to mention that everyone’s budget is different, so what’s best for others might not be best for you. Let’s talk more about this below.

Traditional office space

Before we talk about fancy and unique office spaces, let’s start with traditional office space. Some companies, such as financial services, law firms, and also hedge funds, could take advantage of the traditional office space layout.

These companies prefer function to aesthetic, and traditional office space is the best they can get. So expect a quiet environment, private offices, and exclusive working areas to handle clients and store confidential information. There may be some shared or collaborative space for meetings as well.

Creative office space

Nowadays, it is so easy to find creative office space. Make sense, considering that many startups are operating in a more casual way compared to other older companies. They are looking for an office space that can accommodate creative thinking and a fun environment.

There is no exact layout when it comes to creative office space. Each company has a unique taste that may differ a lot from other companies. Typically, you will find many shared or collaborative working areas, and even an open-space workspace. So, expect fewer barriers between departments and desks, or even not a single cubicle in sight.

While creative office space is more efficient space-wise, it’s definitely not as quiet as a traditional one. This kind of office promotes a more vibrant and social workspace where everyone can freely go and work wherever they want. Also, the interesting news is many companies including financial institutions are now exploring and considering this type of office space to encourage a more casual work environment.

Contiguous office space

Contiguous office space is a building that consists of multiple suites on the same floor that are combined and rented to a single tenant. It can also consist of multiple suites located on different floors of a building. So for example, you can rent the entire 2nd floor or 2nd to 4th floor in a building.

Obviously, this type of office space is for large companies that need a lot of space with multiple offices and workplaces to accommodate their employees. Sometimes they also need different workplaces for different businesses but are still located in the same building.

Coworking space

I see more and more coworking spaces available nowadays. You will always find at least one coworking space in an office building because the demand is high. Coworking space offers flexible terms for all kinds of companies that don’t need large or permanent office space.

Coworking space is usually divided only by tables and chairs. There are no walls unless they offer private offices in the same space as well. In this kind of environment, you can take advantage of shared amenities and appliances. But you may still need to pay for internet access. You can rent a table for like a week, a month, or a year.

Shared office space

I’ve seen several shared office spaces and all of them looked great. A shared space arrangement is when a company with extra space in its office leases a portion of the office to another company. This creates an interesting arrangement where all parties involved gain something.

Typically, you will this kind of arrangement where two similar companies are involved. All in all, every company in the arrangement can rent an office space for cheap.


Isn’t it interesting to see all the different types of office spaces? Make sure you explore all the available options before deciding on which office space is for you. Sometimes, you can get a great deal and save up even more money and still get an amazing office space.

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