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5 Benefits of NetSuite Software for Businesses

5 Benefits of NetSuite Software for Businesses

Of all the ERP programs available, NetSuite stands above the rest. It’s used by businesses small and large to improve business processes. It’s so popular that it commands 12% of the ERP market share.

The question is, will NetSuite be the right choice for your company?

Are you not yet convinced that NetSuite software is the right choice for your business? Below are five NetSuite benefits that will make it the right choice for your company.

1. Centralize Your Operation

Centralization is one of the most important benefits that NetSuite technology brings. It’s an ERP program, so it combines many business functions into one application that you would typically have several programs to handle.

With multiple programs, you have to spend time and energy integrating your software. This ability is built in with ERP software like NetSuite. Everything is centralized from the start.

2. Simplify IT Processes

One of the drawbacks to running a lot of software is keeping everything up to date. Each program comes from a different vendor, presenting compatibility issues when software updates change procedures.

This creates headaches for your IT department. They have to spend a lot of time testing changes to ensure nothing breaks when updates roll out.

Since NetSuite for businesses relies on centralization and a single application, you don’t have the update headaches you get with other software.

3. Simple Pricing

It’s hard to find a single pricing scheme in the software world. You have applications that charge per month and others that charge per user and feature. If you use a lot of software, things can get complicated to keep track of.

You only have one set of pricing when you use NetSuite. You know exactly what you’ll pay and won’t need to worry about surprises. Check out NetSuite license pricing to learn more about your pricing options.

4. Better Customization

You can’t change many software programs to meet your needs. You have to adjust to how your software vendors want things done. That leads to inefficient business processes.

One of the significant benefits of NetSuite is the ability to customize processes. If something doesn’t work the way you need out-of-the-box, you can change it to meet your requirements. This is great for a growing business that needs to adapt to changes.

5. Great Reporting

While you can get great reports with niche software, it’s hard to use your data in other business areas. You have to export your data, put it in another location, and build your report there.

That isn’t an issue with ERP centralization. All your data sources are connected so that you can run reports directly on your source data. This ability will help you create detailed reports about every aspect of your business.

NetSuite Software Is Worth the Investment

You have many options when it comes to ERP software, so it’s tempting to look for options other than NetSuite. However, the benefits of NetSuite offer a lot that other software can’t provide. Invest in NetSuite software today to see why so many companies rely on it to keep their companies running efficiently.

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